Remembering Harriet

Harriet Faye Woodcock—One of a kind.
With brilliance she composed beautiful things
Yet often approached life with a child-like mind.
Ever poetic, I suspect she even dreamed in rhyme
Mere mention of an event birthed a poem in no time.

An untiring supporter of the arts
Planning, playing, directing parts,
Her musical talents always s haring
Piano and violin sounds happily airing.

She was a loving, giving friend
Her playful spirit knew no end.
A woman of strong faith
She lived under God’s amazing grace.
Although we will miss her very much
We know she has gone to a better place.

Now, how best to honor her?
Where to start?
Two traits we can emulate
That set her apart
Keep music in our life
And a child-like spirit in our heart . .

Copyright, Gloria Cassity Stargel



© Northeast Georgia Writers