President's Greeting

Greeting and salutations, or hey ya’ll ! (Which ever you prefer !)

     To all our new members and those considering joining our happy band, this is for you.
     When I joined three and a half years ago, I had many questions but didn’t know who or what to ask.
     As to who to ask, any member.  We all love to hear ourselves talk!
     What to ask? Our avowed “purpose is to encourage new writers, promote establish writers and to improve the quality of their writing.”
     How do we do that? At out monthly meetings, we have guest speakers. If not experts, they are all experienced on subjects ranging from copyright law, to what is an ISBN and how to get one, self-publishing or hire an agent. Kindle or Amazon. Hardback versus softback. Best fonts and spacing. Historical research.
     One of our members, Jim Stephens, published a book titled “Field of Gold”. In the book, a spoiled rich kid of a millionaire father is sent to England prior to America’s entry into World War II.  His father directive was to learn more about the British resolve concerning the looming war. He learned that and much more. Love, hate. War, peace. Grand hopes, disillusionment. Little known historical facts.
     Another of our members wrote “Luck Be Chicken”. Jameson Gregg, is the 2015 Georgia Authors of the Year for this book.  Jameson is a retired attorney that once worked as an ‘ice kicker’ in the poultry plant. (I pictured some of my ‘kin folk in that book). Besides being the father of two beautiful college girls, he is the husband of Maureen; an author in her own right. ( I’m looking forward to her trilogy of a Scottish family of her own lineage.) Writing Humor?
     Another of our members, Charlene DeWitt, wrote two children’s stories. She was inspired by a grand-daughter that sneezed a lot. “Kerchoo, The Rabbit” is one of her books. (I’ve read it to my grandchildren.) She can tell you the best ways to getting a children’s story published. The do’s and don’ts, the illustrations and so forth.
     Rosemary Harris Mallison wrote “The Squirrel and Jim”. Marsh Hopkins wrote “Cat Tale. (The Dead Cat That Wasn’t).
     Horton Prather, who as a teenager launched homemade rockets from a Texas field into the sky. He would later be stationed, by the Air Force, on a desolate mountain in Japan; intercepting North Vietnamese coded messages. It’s a good (real life) story and his to tell. Read his books, starting with “The Horduran Plot”.
     Alma Bowen, as a young reporter, she heard stories that were not fit to be printed at The Times Newspaper. They are in her book “Celebrate. (Can’t wait to read it.)
     I’ve just promoted some of our established writers. There are so many more! I could go on and on, but won’t.  Please come to our meetings and meet them. (I’m sure you will learn a lot from your conversations with all of them, I have.)
     We meet on the first Wednesday of every month (with the exceptions of May, June, July and December) at the Sun Trust Bank, 121 E.E. Butler Parkway, Gainesville, Georgia on the 2nd floor. Meetings run from 1 pm to 3 pm with a break in the middle. On a rotating basis, a member provides snacks.
     The May meeting is an award banquet (location changes) for our manuscript contest. Yearly we hold a manuscript contest among our members. Members submit a manuscript to be judged by a panel of experts ranging from noted authors to professors of literature. There are five categories: novel, short story, children’s stories, poetry and biography.  Winners are announced at the banquet. Members wishing to attend pay a minimum of $20.00 for their meal. There is also a guest speaker.
     On the first Wednesday of June, we have a potluck picnic. This has traditionally held at the “Gardens On Green” next to the Hall County Board of Education Building. At this picnic, winners from the manuscript contest are encouraged to read from their award winner submission.
     The first Wednesday of December, we hold our Christmas banquet. This also a “potluck” but it is not picnic food. Some of our members are excellent chefs, cooks and baker!  The club pays for a very large ham, and members provide the sides and deserts. (Yummy!) For the last two years, this banquet has been hosted at the stunningly beautiful home of Jane Hemmer.
     The club also provides a scholarship to a graduating Hall County High School senior attending college. This rotates alphabetically to each Hall County High School yearly.
     Club officers are elected from volunteers yearly. The President runs the meetings, secures volunteers for monthly snacks, serves on committees, calls for votes on club issues and tries to ensure the club runs smoothly.
     The Vice-President servers when the president can’t. They also invite speakers for all the meeting.
     The Treasurer collect club dues, disburses money for our banquets, scholarships, and oversees the club’s account.
     The Secretary records club business, keeps the minutes of the meeting and has be known to keep the president on track (I plead guilty).
     If I haven’t answered all your questions, please ask me.  If I don’t know, I’ll find out or refer you to a member that does.
     Hope to see you on the first Wednesday of next month.

Write On,

Randy Caudle
President of the Northeast Georgia Writers

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